birth name seannah marie cabot age + dob 28 + November 14, 1988 residence sleepy hollow, new york status married (10.14.17) occupation personal chef children jasper hayes (b. 8.14.12)
biography When Seannah came into the world to Tabitha, it was a bittersweet thing. It had only been a couple years since she had given birth to a baby girl in her junior year of high school. A baby girl she choose to give up for adoption for fear she would be unable to give her a good life. She was born on November 14, 1988 at 3 am, and Tabitha vowed to do the best she could with the little life in her hands.

Growing up Seannah was very quiet, and it took a lot to get her out of her shell. Tabitha began to worry that her daughter would have a hard time making friends, but as she got older it became easier. By the time she was in fifth grade Seannah was constantly making plans for after school hangouts with friends, and Tabitha couldn't have been happier. Although in some ways Seannah still continued to have a shy streak as she aged, she had her close knit group of friends.

Completely unaware of the fact she had a half-sister in the world, Seannah constantly daydreamed what it would be like to have a sibling growing up. Someone to stay up with all night talking and doing each others hair. However, even though she didn't have this, she was still happy with the life she had - regardless of how many silly arguments her and her mother were able to get into through the years.

Even though there ended up being quite a few burnt grilled cheeses and overcooked pasta in the beginning, eventually Seannah became to develop a passion for cooking. And because of this she knew very early on that she would want to do something with cooking. After she had attended a local community college for two years, she began to look into attending some school for cooking. With the help of her mother and working to save, she eventually did just that.

It was when she was attending school that she became very close with one of her instructors - perhaps a little too close. Garrett Hayes was in his thirties, and Sennah was drawn to him. Neither of them particularly cared about the age difference, but Seannah didn't expect for the relationship to go on for too long.

Eventually Seannah's world would be shaken in more than one way. A pregnancy and the reveal of the fact that she was not an only child, but that she had an older half sister. While she came around to the fact she was pregnant quite quick, it was not the same for the fact she had a sister. She knew that she was being a little childish perhaps, but it was definitely something that threw her for a loop. However, as time passed she slowly opened herself up to the possibility of getting to know her older sister.

The birth of Jasper was one of the most exciting and scariest moments of Seannah's life, but she knew that from the moment he had come into the world he would be her whole life. Very soon after his birth Garrett asked Seannah to marry him, and she accepted. Over time doubts continued to cloud her mind, and the fact she would continually avoid trying to set a date didn't exactly help. However, she eventually agreed to one of the dates that he came to her about, but before everything was supposed to happen she confessed she couldn't do it. She thought she maybe just needed time to think, but she realized that she had only been staying with Garrett because of Jasper. She ended things and began to start a journey to find happiness for herself.

✘ Found out she had a half-sister when she was in her early/mid twenties from a relationship her mother had before she was born. Her mother had given up the baby for adoption.

✘ Started a relationship with a man 10 years older than her who was her cooking instructor. The two went onto eventually have a son together and get engaged. The relationship eventually ended when she realized that she was only staying for their son and didn't really love him.

✘ Although for a long time she tried to chalk it up as a little crush she'd harbor forever, eventually she admitted to herself that she was in fact in love with her best friend after sharing a kiss and starting a relationship.

✘ Launched her foodblog in January 2017 called Tastable. Is currently in the starting process of starting a small catering>
✘ Was proposed to by her best friend on January 20, 2017. Even though it is her second engagement, she knows this one is right and is beyond excited to start her future with>
✘ Married her best friend Elias Cabot in front of their friends and family in the backyard of her grandparents on October 14, 2017.